We are an Americana/Indie Rock acoustic duo from Charlotte, NC known as The Hwy. We are best known for our high-energy, dynamic live show that engages crowds with an experience-centered performance through the use of relatable, lyrical storytelling and rousing, powerful musicality and rich harmonies that
draws a loyal  and passionate following.

Nathan Dowdy // Guitar, Vocals
Jordan Minor // Guitar, Vocals


It has been said about us that we make "Music you can drink beer to"* and we take this responsibility seriously, crafting a live experience that engages and holds the attention of any size crowd, encouraging them to relax, take in the atmosphere, and crack open another cold one from the bar as they sing along and dance with their friends to our energetic, fun and passionate songs. "My bar is always packed when The Hwy plays, and there is a significant bump in bar sales and tips during their performance." says Kenny Perrin, lead bartender of Old Town Public House in Cornelius NC. "They engage the crowd like none other, and are very professional to work with, courteous, on time, and use their influence on the crowd to boost sales. It's a pleasure having them in my bar."

The Allman Brothers, The Head and the Heart, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, The War on Drugs, Mumford & Sons.

* Case Warnemunde, co-owner of Bella Love Inc


In anticipation of our upcoming full-length debut album, we have recorded and released a summer single titled "Wait One Minute" that exemplifies the style and feel of both member's musicality. 

Jordan and Nathan co-wrote the single, which is about the complexities of love versus freedom, and take verses from their own perspectives in this lush, energetic introduction.


Our digital art for the single compliments the design treatment and synergy for The Hwy’s dark theme, illustrated in “Moonlight”, an original art piece by Nathan that visualizes our musical style and feel, and compliments our light theme, illustrated in our website header; “Sunlight”.

Our experience playing live shows has taken us all over the Southeast to venues, breweries, taprooms, private parties, etc, in our quest to bring our music to a wide audience. Our primary demographic? Anyone who loves energetic, nostalgic music that’s complex in its’ simplicity.


“The experience The Hwy delivers with the live performance aspect is what keeps crowds coming out and thirsty for more. Each and every time that these guys perform, there is a certain energy that surrounds us all that makes you feel like family, like coming home. Superbly talented, awesomely original, it is no surprise that I can find myself humming songs by The Hwy while going through the day and loving every second of it!”

- Jessica L Boye, co-owner of Bella Love Inc

“I LOVE The Hwy’s energy and harmonies!!”

-Igor Rodriguez, taproom manager at Sycamore Brewing

“Not many times can you listen to a band for the first time and instantly become a fan. I make it a point to see The HWY whenever possible. Their energy makes it a rock show. Their passion gives the audience a much needed singer-songwriter vibe. Their chemistry and how they feed off one another makes every show unique. And their talent will get you on your feet. You may find yourself laughing along, singing along, clapping and dancing along, and even crying to their original songs. But one thing is for certain, you will want to bring more of your friends along to their next show.”

- Mac Finley, US Navy: friend and fan

Contact Us

If you would like to book The Hwy for a show, festival, or event, please reach out to us with the form provided, or email us at thehwymusic@gmail.com.

For press inquiries and more information, please email us at thehwymusic@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Thank you.

- The Hwy

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