Brought together in Charlotte NC, The Hwy is a two-piece Americana rock duo blending the strong stylistic approaches of Jordan Minor and Nathan Dowdy. We hail from different sides of the musical spectrum, but trace common roots in old-time rock-n-roll and bluegrass. Together we bring forward an energetic, dynamic, yet tender expression, and we strive to make music the way we do life: no-holds-barred, honest, passionate, and wild.

There's a certain feeling that accompanies a rare few specific situations. It's the feeling of driving on a remote highway as the sun dips below the mountains, with the cooling desert wind blowing past your outstretched arm... It feels a lot like flying. I get the same feeling when I'm on stage with The Hwy: that same thrill of pure adrenaline, adventure, and pure, unfiltered life. Join us at a show to see what I mean and experience it for yourself: we would love to sing with you.

Much love,