We are the hwy

Brought together in Charlotte NC, The Hwy is a four-piece Americana rock band blending the strong stylistic approaches of each of us; Jordan Minor, Josh Kelley, Nathan Dowdy and Ben Culbreath. We hail from different sides of the musical spectrum, but trace common roots in old-time rock-n-roll and bluegrass. Together we bring forward an energetic, dynamic, yet tender expression, and we strive to make music the way we do life: no-holds-barred, honest, passionate, and wild.

Before we became The Hwy, each of us was busy pursuing other projects. I, Nathan, was pursuing my solo career and writing casually with my former Front Porch Society bandmate Josh, and Jordan and Ben were joined by Dillon Metz in the punk rock trio Future Burnouts. It wasn't until the spring of 2015 when Josh, Jordan and I sat down to write together that we realized that instead of clashing, our individual styles and personalities melded together seamlessly: and The Hwy was born. With the later addition of Ben, we've grown to be a local favorite in a very short time, and this is only the beginning.

There's a certain feeling that accompanies a rare few specific situations. It's the feeling of driving on a remote highway as the sun dips below the mountains, with the hot desert wind blowing past your outstretched arm... It feels a lot like flying. I get the same feeling when I'm on stage with
The Hwy: that same thrill of pure adrenaline, adventure, and pure, unfiltered life. Join us at a show to see what I mean and experience it for yourself: we would love to sing with you.

Much love,

(From left to right)

Vocals, Guitar // Jordan Minor
Vocals, Drums // Josh Kelley
Vocals, Guitar // Nathan Dowdy
Bass // Ben Culbreath